• Daily Dose, para un cabello siempre suave y sedoso.

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Su mejor cabello. Naturalmente.


Acondicionador sin enjuague hidratante y puro, libre de parabenos, libre de ftalatos, libre de crueldad, vegano.

El desempeño incomparable de Daily Dose deja el cabello, suave, sedoso y manejable. Vea los resultados instantáneamente con una simple dosis diaria.

Bueno para su cabello.

Daily Dose® ofrece un desempeño sin compromisos, sin ingredientes que no quieres en tu cabello.

Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner is Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Vegan

Sin Crueldad • Vegano • Sin Parabenos • Sin Sulfatos Sles Ni Slss • Sin Vaselina • Sin Ftalatos • Sin Gluten • Sin Óxido De Hierro • Sin Aceites Minerales • Sin Colores Sintéticos • Sin Aceite De Palma • Sin Polietilenglicol (Peg)  • Sin Ingredientes De Nueces


Charity Water


Great for Tangles

... I was impressed how easily the brush went through her hair after using the spray... I was also excited to find no tangles the next day!

Carolyn A.

Great organic product

Great ingredient list, made my hair so soft and manageable after 1 use, the bottle lasts forever. Spray pump worked great.

chandley partridge

Non Greasy

This was the first leave in conditioner that did't leave my daughter's hair greasy! Her curls looked and felt beautiful. Excellent product.


The Next Level

I’ve tried every leave-in conditioner you can think of... Daily Dose takes it to the next level

cindy s.

Love my hair again!

My hair is totally manageable. I love my hair again...thank you

Rachell Horbenko